Having problems sleeping at night?

There can be any number of reasons, why one can experience problems with sleeping at night, but there are predominantly two specific causes which relate to one’s mattress.

  1. General discomfort (largely as a result of pressure points being created in critical areas of your old mattress… i.e. hip, lower back and shoulder regions).
  2. Partner disturbance (one partner’s restlessness or erratic movement) which can deprive the other partner, or indeed both of them, from the quality recuperative sleep on which we are so reliant to cope with the daytime pressures of our busy modern lifestyles.

As long as you have a base or bed frame which provides a stable foundation, Waitemata Backcare Beds are most confident that they can supply a mattress with the correct balance of support and comfort to suit you… because it’s “Our Mattresses that Make All The Difference”.

Buying a good bed is one of things you do it once and you do it right, we only stocks top of the line ranges with beds to suit every individual. For those out there who are really serious about firm support coupled with choice of comfort levels ranging from firm to plush, you can’t go past the specialised King Koil ranges available at Waitemata Backcare Beds.