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The best there is available in sleep solutions.

We opened our first bed specialty store in Auckland back in 1991. Providing a specialist shopping experience focusing on solely beds and bedroom furniture – our focus would be to provide the best there is in sleep solutions, in the perfect environment to make such an important purchase, ensuring a great night’s sleep.

Waitemata Backcare Beds now boasts 6 stores Auckland wide. All stores have large showrooms, with the Henderson store having the largest in the area, enabling you to test all the beds and a make a decision that best suits your needs.

As stated in our name, “Backcare” is our forte . . . Our reputation. Enter the FlexGel, King Koil ranges of beds – you simply have to experience the blissful and pressure-relieving comfort of one of these and you will be converted. Check out “Our Range” above, or pop instore and discuss with one of our dedicated bed specialists. As they say “It’s Our Mattresses that Make All The Difference”.


Not only do we have Backcare beds, we also provide solutions for every budget and need – from trundlers, to Super Kings to spare mattresses – you name it, we can provide it! There is also an extensive range of bedroom furniture to compliment your new bed, from headboards to tallboys, and everything in between.

Visit a Waitemata Backcare Beds store today, and experience shopping dedicated to a “good nights sleep”.

A good nights sleep!

Solving Your Sleep Problems

There can be any number of reasons, why one can experience problems with sleeping at night, but there are predominantly two specific causes which relate to one’s mattress.

One of these is simply, general discomfort (largely as a result of pressure points being created in critical areas of your old mattress… i.e. hip, lower back and shoulder regions) and the other is partner disturbance (one partner’s restlessness or erratic movement) which can deprive the other partner, or indeed both of them, from the quality recuperative sleep on which we are so reliant to cope with the daytime pressures of our busy modern lifestyles.

The other most common problem people have with mattresses, which doesn’t affect one’s sleep so much, in that it tends to surface when one arises in the morning and that is… waking with a sore lower back!

Although back problems are notoriously difficult even for trained orthopedic health professionals to diagnose, a sore lower back in the morning is generally indicative of a mattress being insufficiently supportive… causing muscles to work overtime during the night to assist spinal alignment and letting us know all about it in the morning.

Backcare with mattresses has been the forte… the reputation… the niche of “Waitemata Backcare Beds” for the past 26 years.

As long as you have, or indeed buy from us, a base or bed frame which provides a stable foundation, Waitemata Backcare Beds are most confident that we can supply a mattress with the correct balance of support and comfort to suit you… because, as we say… it’s “Our Mattresses that Make All The Difference”.

Apart from the fact that, like most things engineered, the performance of mattresses deteriorate with time, we must also appreciate that we adult humans do also and as our bodies age so does our requirement for comfort and relief from pressure points.

Enter the FlexGel range of beds and mattresses… you simply have to experience the blissful and pressure-relieving comfort of one of these! When you lie down on a mattress enriched with FlexGel, your body mass is immersed into the cell walls and distributed over a larger surface area. This dramatically lowers overall body pressure and provides cushioning and support where you need it. It naturally conforms to your body shape, enabling you a luxurious and recuperative night’s sleep.

We also offer what we believe to be the best performing, most robust, partner-disturbance-eliminating, Pocket Spring unit around… known as Reflex Pocket Springs... featured in 21 of the mattresses we offer, including those in the FlexGel beds all of which, incidentally, come standard with a designer base in fashionable upholstery fabrics and can have storage drawers as an optional extra.

For those out there who are really serious about firm support coupled with choice of comfort levels ranging from firm to plush, you can’t go past the specialised King Koil ranges available at Waitemata Backcare Beds.

Bed Buying Tips

Shopping for a bed is an important process that should be enjoyed. In order to get the most out of the experience we’ve put together some tips and advice to help you make the decision. We’ve also got some good advice on looking after your investment, choosing the right pillows and why ‘firm’ isn’t always the best choice.

Get Comfortable

It's not every day you need to shop for a bed, so make sure you dress for the occasion. You want to wear light-weight, comfortable clothes that put as little as possible between you and the bed of your dreams. That way, when testing out a mattress you'll feel even more comfortable. Consider wearing easily removable footwear for added convenience.

Go Armed

We're not here to sell you a bed, we're here to help you buy one. Go armed with knowledge of your sleeping habits, health issues and lifestyle so that you can get the right advice about the best bed for you.

Take The Test

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it only makes sense to take some time to choose the right mattress suited to your needs. When considering a bed, we recommend giving it a ten minute 'test rest' to get a sense of whether it's right for you. Make sure you switch up your position to get to know the bed through and through.

Don't Be Fooled By Firm

In the land of bedding, there is a distinct difference between firm support and firm feel. You need adequate support for your body with a comfortable feel - this is where beds differ from person to person. Waitemata Backcare Beds have several ranges of beds where the question of compromise between soft and firm is taken out of the equation. Don't be afraid to ask a member of our team to point you in the right direction, it's what we do best!

Don't Forget The Right Pillow

When changing to a new mattress, it's worth while considering replacing your pillows. Pillows contribute significantly to your overall sleeping comfort, so make sure you choose the right one. Your pillow should suit your natural sleeping position and maintain the natural curve of your neck and spine. If you suffer from asthma or allergies, hypoallergenic pillows are the way to go.

Sleep Better, Live Better!

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