Ready to Sleep Well?

Did you sleep well? Do you know how to sleep well? 
All of us face difficulties fitting in the demands of our work and personal lives and this often reflects in the struggle to sleep well. 

Modern life aspects are taking a toll on our sleep. Artificial light, technology, shift work, sleeping tablets, travel, checking our phones when we wake, working late. So here are some sleep tips for March to start sleeping smarter.

1. Get outside! Set your body clock with daylight, not artificial light.

2. Know your peaks and troughs: monitor your energy levels during the day and night. When do you start to reach for an extra coffee or treat?

3. Slow down your mornings. Rushing from the word go in the mornings can disrupt your body. Sleep quality is all about what we do from the point of waking. 

4. Blue light is badly timed light in the evening - dim it down when you can. Go for red or yellow light instead.

Once we start to learn more about our sleep preferences and how to create a sleep routine that fits our lifestyle we also become more aware of what issues are being caused by routine and what issues are being caused by your mattress!  

Keep an eye out for more sleep tips from Waitemata Backcare Beds or come in store and talk to our trained Sales Consultants.